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Only projects within the scope of this website (that is, post-Hercules, beginning late 1999) are included.
A link is provided where additional information is available.
See Michael's official site, www.michaelhurst.co.nz, for his complete curriculum vitae.


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800 Words, eps. 3.3, 3.4, 3.11, 3.12 (tv series; 2017)

800 Words, eps. 2.3, 2.4, 2.9, 2.10 (tv series; 2016)

Actors' Benevolent Fund Afternoon Gala (performer, 2017)

Actors' Equity Green Room 'Sex and Nudity on Stage and Screen: What is Right and How to Empower Yourself" (panelist; 2015)

The Actors' Program (tutor on Shakespeare, tutor on stage combat; 2013)

The Actors' Program (tutor on Shakespeare; 2012)

Acts of Trust (subject in book; 2005)

The Adventures of Voopa the Goolash (tv series - voice actor; 2007)

Air Force (documentary tv series - narrator; 2005)

Aladdin (theatre - directing, acting; 2003)

'All Eyes' (author of article; 2006)

The Almighty Johnsons, eps. 3.7 'Typical Auckland God', 3.8 'The Asparagus is Kicking In' (tv series - directing; 2013)

The Almighty Johnsons eps. 2.1 'And She will Come to You', 2.11 'The House ofJerome', 2.12 'You Call This the Real World?', 2.13 'Does This Look Like Asgard?' (tv series - acting; 2012)

Amadeus (theatre - acting; 2017)

Andromeda: 2.20 'The Knight, Death and the Devil' (tv series - acting; 2002)

'Appointment,' Radio New Zealand Concert (on Shakespeare's sonnets; 2009)

Armageddon Expo, Christchurch (celebrity guest; 2009)

Armageddon Expo, Wellington (celebrity guest; 2009)

Article 'A Book Club Decides' in Listener (on NZ Book Awards; 2011)

Art of Fashion Gala, Erupt! Lake Taupo Festival (host; 2014)

Arts Foundation, New Generation Artist Award Ceremony (awards presenter; 2010)

The Arts on Sunday, Radio New Zealand National (guest commentator on Mercury Theatre; 2009)

The Arts on Sunday, Radio New Zealand National (guest reviewer on Berkoff's One Man; 2008)

Artsville 'Piano Man' (documentary - narrator; 2006)

Artsville 'Sound and Fury-John Psathas' (documentary - narrator; 2011)

Art Talk, NZ International Arts Festival (interviewer; 2012)

Ash vs. Evil Dead: eps. 1.6 'The Killer of Killers', 1.7 'Fire in the Hole' (tv series; director; 2015)

As You Like It workshop, Howick Little Theatre (teaching; 2011)

Ask Your Uncles (tv series - presenting; 2007)

Auckland Daze: ep. 2.5, 2.6 (tv series - acting; 2014)

Auckland Daze: ep. 1.6 (tv series - acting; 2012)

The Auckland Executive Club (speaker; 2014)

Auckland Festival 2005 Kick-off (live performance; 2005)

Auckland Festival 2005 Opening Celebration (live performance; 2005)

Auckland On-Stage exhibition opening (live performance; 2006)

Auckland Theatre Company Summer School (teaching; 2011)

Axis Awards Show (host; 2000)


The Bacchae (theatre - directing; 2006)

Balloons (short film - directing; 2016)

Bard Day's Night (theatre - acting; 2012)

Bare (theatre - acting; 2011)

A Basement Christmas Carol (theatre - acting; 2013)

Behind Bitch Slap: Building a Better B-Movie (documentary; 2010)

Berkoff's One Man review (reviewer; 2008)

'Best Guest Appearance Award', Cult TV Festival (award; 2003)

'Best New Zealand Actor,'Metro (kudos; 2006)

Best of Both Worlds Convention (celebrity guest; 2003)

'Best Theatre Guy' Metro (kudos; 2010)

Big Night In (tv fundraiser - celebrity guest; 2009)

The Big Idea interview (online interview; 2008)

The Blind Date Project (theatre - acting; 2014)

Bitch Slap (film - acting; 2009)

Blackbird (theatre - acting; 2008)

Boy Wonder (recitation, with Viva Voce Choir; 2006)

Brel (theatre - director; 2012-14)

The Brokenwood Mysteries: 1.3, 'Playing the Lie' (tv - director; 2014)


Cabaret (theatre - directing, acting; 2010)

Campbell Live (tv profile; 2009)

Celebrating Twelfth Night (symposium speaker; 2006)

'Celebrities' Wives' (documentary - narrator, 2003)

Celebrity Talent Quest (live performance - contestant; 2008)

Celebrity Times of Your Life (subject of improv evening; 2007)

Centre City Music Theatre (tutor of masterclass; 2008)

Chicago (theatre - directing; 2013)

Christ Almighty! (theatre - acting; 2009)

Christmas in the Park (televised live performance; 2004)

'Classics on Stage and Screen: A Conversation with Actor, Director and Playwright Michael Hurst," 'Classical World New Zealand, Massey University (speaker, 2017)

Club Mystique fundraiser for NZ Dance Co. (co-creator, director, performer; 2016)

Creative Mornings Auckland (speaker; 2014)

Creditors (theatre - directing; 2009)

Cult TV Festival and Cabaret (celebrity guest and live performer; 2003)

Cult TV Festival and Cabaret (celebrity guest and live performer; 2001)


Decision 2014 (videos; acting; 2014)

DEGNZ - Equity NZ Power Panel (panelist; 2016)

Desert Island Reads (celebrity reader; 2006)

Devonport Food and Wine Festival (live performer; 2006)

Devonport Food and Wine Festival (live performer; 2007)

"Directing Your First Feature: An Evening with Chris Graham" (interviewer; 2006)

The Director's Story (speaker; 2013)

Dragons: Cabtastical (performer; 2016)

Duchess of Malfi (theatre - acting; 2005)

Duggan: 'A Shadow of Doubt' parts 1 & 2 (tv - acting; 1999)


The Edge International Arts Season launch (live performer; 2007)

Eight Months to Mars (radio interview; May 2012)

Eight Months to Mars (radio interview; November 2007)

The Eight: Reindeer Monologues (theatre - acting; 2008)

Epsom Girls Grammar School Gala Auction (celebrity guest; 2009)

Epsom Girls Grammar School Celebrity Debate (celebrity debater; 2006)

Epsom Girls Grammar School Celebrity Debate (celebrity debater; 2004)

Epsom Girls Grammar School Celebrity Debate (celebrity debater; 2000)

Epsom Girls Grammar School Celebrity Debate (celebrity debater; 1999)

Equity Graduate Program (speaker; 2012)

Equity Green Room: Sex & Nudity on Stage: What is Right and How to Empower Yourself (speaker; 2015)

Equity Green Room: How to Do Your Best Audition (speaker; 2014)

Equity Green Room: How to Make Money from Your Own Productions (speaker; 2013)

An Evening with Alan Cumming (interviewer, 2015)


Fix (theatre, playreading - acting; 2012)

Flotsom and Jetsom (theatre, short play - directing; 2004

Four Dramatic Poems Performed with Improvised Music (poetry recitation; 2006)

Fracture (film - acting; 2004)

Frequently Asked Questions (now named No Holds Bard; theatre - acting, writing; 2012)

'Fully Booked' (author of article; 2005)

Future Realities Auckland Workshop 4: Creative Makers Round Table (panelist; 2017)





The Generation of Z: Apocalypse (theatre - directing; 2015)

The Generation of Z (theatre - directing; 2014)

Gielgud's Letters (book reviewer; 2004)

The Girl Who Didn't Grow (documentary - narrator; 2008)

Global Bloomsday Gathering (online streamed performance - reader; 2013)

The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? (theatre - acting; 2005)

Going, Going, Gone (tv series - narrator; 2006)

Goldie (theatre - acting; 2004)

Good Morning (tv interview, with Jennifer, on Life is a Dream, Peter and the Wolf, The Look of Love; 2009)

The Good Times (theatre - acting; 2012)

The Good Word (tv series - book reviewer; 2012)

Grand Slam Summit (celebrity guest; Burbank; 2008)

9th Great Celebrity Debate (celebrity debater; 2000)

8th Great Celebrity Debate (celebrity debater; 1999)


Hamlet (theatre - producer, director, actor; 2003)

Hamlet Goes Shopping (short film - acting; 2010)

Hansel and Gretel (opera - director; 2008)

Happy Days (theatre - director; 2010)

Hauraki Horror (theatre - acting; 2014)

Hawke's Bay Youth Drama School (documentary - narrator; 2001)

Heiner Goebbels (interviewer; 2007)

Hercules & Xena Convention, Pasadena (celebrity guest; 2000)

Here to Stay: 'The English' (tv - presenter; 2007)

Hidden Apartheid (documentary film - narrator; 2010)

High Road (tv series - acting; 2016)

Hold the Anchovies (short film - voice actor; 2004)

Honey (short film - acting; 2002)

'Hurst All About Hamlet', GAPS Arts (speaker; 2016)


Inorganic (short film - acting; 2011)

Inside New Zealand: 'NCEA--Kids v Parents' (documentary - narrator; 2007)

'Inventing Shakespeare' (university lecture; 2006)


Jack and the Beanstalk (theatre - directing, acting; 2005)

Jack of All Trades: eps. 2.4 'The Morning After', 2.6 'One, Two, Three, Give Me Lady Liberty' (tv - directing; 2000)

Jack of All Trades: ep. 2.2 'Shark Bait' (tv - acting; 2000)

Jane Ussher Portraits (photo included in book; 2004)

Jesus Christ Superstar (theatre - fight choreographer; 2014

The Jews Brothers' Bloomsday (live performance; 2013, 2014, 2016,2017)

Jill Marshall Book Launch (celebrity reader; 2009)

The Jono Project 1.12 (tv - acting; 2010)

Jubilee (film - directing; 2000)


Killer Joe (theatre - fight choreography; 2009)

King Lear (theatre - directing; 2016)

King Lear (theatre - acting, directorial consultant; 2013)

King Lear launch (theatre - Chair of AUSA Outdoor Shakespeare Trust; 2012)


The Lady Killers (theatre - fight choreographer; 2015)

The Last Magic Show (film - acting; 2008)

Laureate Award, Arts Foundation of New Zealand (award; 2003)

Legend of the Seeker: ep, 2.02 'Baneling', 2.12 'Hunger', 2.21 'Unbroken', 2.17 'Vengeance' (tv series - director; 2009)

Legend of the Seeker: ep. 1.08, 'Denna', 1.10, 'Sacrifice', 1.22 'Reckoning' (tv - director; 2009)

Legend of the Seeker: 1.13, 'Revenant' (tv - acting; 2009)

Legend of the Seeker interview on TVOne (interviewee; 2009)

Life is a Dream (theatre - directing; 2009)

King Lear (theatre - directing; 2016)

Loot (theatre - directing; 2009)

Love Letters (theatre - acting; 2002)

Love Mussel (tv - directing, acting; 2001)

Luncheon (theatre - fight choreographer; 2014)

Lysistrata (theatre - directing; 2015)

Lysistrata (theatre - directing; 2003)


Macbeth (theatre - fight choreographer; 2014)

Macbeth (theatre - directing, acting; 2004)

Macbeth lecture, University of Auckland (teaching; 2011)

Maddigan's Quest (tv series - acting; 2006)

"Making Worlds" workshop (workshop leader; 2007)

The Man Who Has Everything (tv - acting; 2002)

The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate (theatre - acting; 2014)

The Map Reader (film - acting; 2009)

Margaret Mahy's 70th Birthday Gala Dinner (live performance; 2006)

Mataku (tv series episode - acting; 2002)

Measure for Measure (theatre - directing; 2004)

"Michael Hurst: Arts in Auckland--a matter of attitude" (author of op/ed article; 2008)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (theatre - directing; 2015)

Moneyweek Debate (celebrity debater; 2012)

Mr. Marmalade (theatre - directing; 2006)

Much Ado About Nothing (theatre - production advisor; 2012)

Murder on the Blade? (tv documentary - acting; 2003)

My Brother and I are Porn Stars fundraiser (celebrity auctioneer; 2006)

The Mystery of Irma Vep (theatre - acting; 2007)


Navigating the Textual Sea, conference of teachers of English (speaker; 2008)

Nepal Memories (live performance; 2015)

New Theatre Initiative Launch (live performance; 2005)

The New Dance Group (documentary; narrator; 2008)

New Zealand Entertainer of the Year, New Zealand Herald (honour; 2007)

New Zealand Film and TV Awards (televised live appearance; 2009)

New Zealand Institute of Architects Awards for Architecture Gala Dinner (host; 2008)

A Night in Berlin (live performance; 2008)

No Holds Bard (theatre - acting, writing; 2012-16)

North Area Performing Theatre Awards (host; 2008)


Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit investiture (honour; 2005)

One Man Star Wars Trilogy (review; 2008)

One Night with Q, featuring No Holds Bard (theatre - acting writing; 2013)

Open Dialogue panel on Making It Up, Fucking It Up, and Everything in Between' (live performance - panelist; 2014)

Open Dialogue panel on 'Contemporary Storytelling and a Modern Take on Brel: Does Storytelling Still Exist in Popular Music?' (live performance - head of panel; 2012)

Open Dialogue panel on 'Reconfiguring Classics' (live performance - panelist; 2011)

Othello class, Rutherford College (teaching; 2013)

Our Big Blue Backyard (tv – narrating; 2016)

Our Big Blue Backyard (tv – narrating; 2014)

Oxford and Chambers on Wine (theatre - acting; 2006)

Oz Comic-Con, Perth, Western Australia (celebrity guest; 2015)

Oz Comic-Con, Adelaide, South Australia (celebrity guest; 2015)


The Panel (Radio New Zealand National - panelist)
November 2009
September 2009
May 2009
May 2008
March 2008
November 2006
May 2006
June 2006

Path to Nationhood - Northland (app - narrator; 2014)

Pericles (theatre - fight choreographer; 2014)

Peter and the Wolf (narrator with New Zealand Symphony Orchestra; 2009)

'Piano Man' (see Artsville)

The Pillowman (theatre - acting; 2007)

'Playing Favourites' (National Radio; May 2008)

The Poem and the Part Song (poetry reading with Viva Voce Choir; 2005)

Poet's Paradiso, Depot Artspace (poetry recitation; 2006)

Power Rangers Ninja Storm (tv series, 13 episodes - voice acting; 2003)

Power Rangers S.P.D. (tv series, ep 1.28 'Robotpalooza' (tv series, voice acting; 2005)

Project K Celebrity Debate (celebrity debater; 2007)




Q Theatre brand launch (host; 2006)

Q Theatre Opening Party (live performance; 2011)

Q Theatre patrons named (honour; 2011)


Radio Interviews (interviewee; 2008-2013)

'Read with the Stars: Celebrity Storytime' (reader; 2009)

Red (theatre; 2011)

Reel Late with Kate, ep. 1.18 (tv series - celebrity reviewer, 2010)

'Remarks on Theatre' to Aorangi Club (speaker; 2007)

'Remarks Concerning Theatre' to Probus Clubs and U3A (speaker; 2006)

The Republic of Waiheke Royal Command Performance (performer; 2016)

'Review Revue with Pride,' Auckland Library (speaker; 2013)

Richard III (theatre - Artistic Supervisor, 2011)

Rocked the Nation (tv - interviewee, 2009)

The Rocky Horror Show (theatre - acting; 2002)

Rose Charities Fun(d)raiser (live performance; 2014)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (theatre - acting; 2001)

Rutherford College lecture on Othello (speaker; 2013)


Sassy Songs & Sexy Shakespeare (live performance - host and performer; 2009)

Schwarzkopf Professional Awards Gala (host; 2006)

Seating You fundraiser for Circa Theatre (live performer, 2014)

Second Afterlife (theatre - fight choreographer; 2014)

Seeded on bFM (interviewee; 2010)

Sexy Recession Cabaret (live performance; 2009)

Shakespeare's Birthday (reader, Auckland City Library; 2009)

She Came to Stay (theatre, workshop/play reading - acting; 2010)

Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival Auckland North Regional competition (theatre - judge, 2013)

She Stoops to Conquer (theatre - directing, 2009)

Shortland Street, 10 episodes (tv series - acting; 2003)

Showstoppers, 8 episodes (tv series - presenter; 2002)

Silo Theatre 2014 Season Launch (live performance; 2013)

Silo Theatre 2010 Season Launch (live performance; 2009)

Sister Wonder Woman (theatre - directing; 2001)

Six Degrees of Separation (theatre - acting, playreading; 2011)

'Sound and Fury-John Psathas' (see Artsville)

Soundscapes (poetry recitation; 2003)

Spartacus: Blood and Sand: eps. 1.05 'Shadow Games', 1.09 'Whore', 1.12 'Revelations' (tv series - director; 2010)

Spartacus: Gods of the Arena ep. 1.03 'Paterfamilias' (tv - director; 2010)

Spartacus: Vengeance eps. 2.01 'Fugitivus', 2.06 'Chosen Path' (tv series - director; 2011)

Spartacus: Vengeance eps. 2.09 'Monsters' (tv series - acting; 2012)

Spartacus: Vengeance (tv series - producer; 2011)

Spartacus: War of the Damned eps. 3.04 'Decimation', 3.09 'The Dead and the Dying' (tv series - director; 2012)

Stage Challenge Grand Final (celebrity judge; 2003)

Starlight Symphony (live performance; 1999)

Step Dave, eps. 2.12 'Kids', 2.13 'Will You, Won't You' (tv series, directing; 2015)

Step Dave, eps. 1.5 'My Room', 1.6 'Knocked Up Natalie', 1.7 'Promise and Deliver' (tv series, directing; 2014)

Summer Noelle, Radio NZ National, 'True Stories Told Live' (radio - storyteller, 2013)

Summer Noelle, Radio NZ National, 'Songs I Could Listen to Again and Again' (radio - storyteller, 2013)

'Sundays at Four' at Victoria Theatre: "Remarks on Theatre" (speaker; 2011)

Sunday Morning (radio interview; February 2012)

Sweeney Todd (theatre - acting; 2010)

Swept Away by the Romantics (poetry recitation; 2014)


A Tale to Tell: Victorian Narrative Painting (poetic recitation; 2005)

Tatau ep. 1.6, 1.7 (tv series - directing; 2015)

The Tattooist (film - acting; 2007)

Test the Nation: The NZ IQ Test (tv - celebrity test taker; 2003)

Terry Reo: ep. 1.04 'Head to Head' (tv series - acting; 2016)

This Is It (televised live performance - acting, presenter; 1999)

The Threepenny Opera (theatre - directing; 2008)

Tis Pity She's a Whore (theatre - directing; 2007)

Topp Twins (tv series episode - acting; 2000)

Travesties (theatre - acting; 2002)

Treasure Island Kids: The Monster of Treasure Island (film - directing, acting; 2004)

Treasure Island Kids: The Mystery of Treasure Island (tv series - directing; 2004)

Treblemakers (performer; 2015)

Trees Beneath the Lake (theatre - acting; 2014)

The Trees Beneath the Lake (theatre - acting; playreading; 2012)

Tribes (theatre - acting; 2012)

True Stories Out Loud (story teller; 2011)

True Stories Told Live (story teller; 2010)

Twelfth Night (theatre - directing; 2006)

24-Hour Deadline Theatre, 'Flotsom and Jetsom' (theatre - directing; 2006)


Undercover Rescue (tv - narrating; 2014)

An Unseasonable Fall of Snow (theatre - acting; 2014)

Upbeat (radio interview; 27 October 2010)

Upbeat (radio interview; 12 March 2009)


Venus and Adonis (interviewer; 2009)

Venus Is (theatre - developer, reader; 2011)

Verity George Variety Show (interviewee; 2015)

View from Olympus (documentary film - narrator; 2011)


Waiting for Godot (theatre - acting; 2002)

The Waste Land (theatre - adapting, directing; 2011)

Walters Prize tour, Auckland Art Gallery (live performance - guest presenter; 2010)

The Warhol Celebrity Debate (celebrity debater; 1999)

We're Here to Help (film - acting; 2007)

West Side, ep. 3.3, 3.4, 3.7, 3.8 (tv series; 2017)

West Side, ep. 2.3, 2.4, 2.7, 2.8 (tv series; 2016)

Who Wants to be 100? review (reviewer; 2007)

Wild Animal Rescue (tv - narrating; 2017)

Wings (theatre, playreading- acting; 2013)

The Woman Who Loved a Mountain (theatre - directing; 2006)

The Women (theatre - fight choreography, 2004)

'Working on Lear,' Lisa Harrow's lecture, AUSA Summer Shakespeare (theatre - facilitating, 2013)


Xena Convention, Los Angeles, CA (celebrity guest; 2015)

Xena Convention, Los Angeles, CA (celebrity guest; 2014)

Xena Convention and Cabaret, Los Angeles, CA (celebrity guest, live performer; 2012)

Xena Convention, Los Angeles, CA (celebrity guest; 2011)

Xena Convention and Cabaret, Los Angeles, CA (celebrity guest, live performer; 2009)

Xena Convention and Cabaret, Burbank, CA (celebrity guest, live performer; 2007)

Xena Convention and Cabaret, Burbank, CA (celebrity guest, live performer; 2006)

Xena Convention and Cabaret, Pasadena, CA (celebrity guest, live performer; 2002)

Xena Convention, Minneapolis, MN (celebrity guest; 2001)

Xena Convention and Cabaret, Valley Forge, PN (celebrity guest, live performer; 2001)

Xena: Warrior Princess: 'You Are There' (tv - director, 2001)

Xena: Warrior Princess: ep. 6.4 'Who's Gurkhan', 6.15 'To Helicon and Back' (tv - director, 2000/2001)

Xena: Warrior Princess: ep. 5.16'Lifeblood', 5.18 'Antony and Cleopatra' (tv - director, 2000)



Zombie: Red Zone (theatre - directing; 2014)


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