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Michael Hurst at Cult TV Festival
Weston-Super-Mare, UK; 9-11 October 2003

Michael Hurst first appeared at Cult TV in 2001. To celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2003, the Festival invited back favorite guests from past years, which naturally meant another invitation for Michael. Just like last time, he did not only his scheduled performances, but was a willing participant in seemingly anything they asked him to do.

Michael's official schedule included a Director's Workshop, autograph session, interview with questions and answers, presenter at the awards show, and cabaret; but he also ended up acting as quiz master, participating in The Goggles (it's a Cult TV thing; kind of a radio play reading), playing the upper right square in Cult TV Squares, and screening his tv movie, Love Mussel (starring Kevin Smith). Not to mention, being the worthy recipient of a Cult TV award!

(Pictures below courtesy Brenda Marshall).

Michael Hurst with Cult TV Festival Award for Best Guest Appearance, for the role of Ryan in the Andromeda episode, "Knight, Death, and the Devil".  Click here for screen captures from the episode; picture courtesy Caroline Wheeler.




talking about making Love Mussel

"Here's Iolaus. Why doesn't he put some clothes on?"

(The Goggles)

Cult TV Squares

The idea is not so much to get the answers right,
but to entertain the audience . . .

. . . whatever it takes!

No, Michael, you're still an "X"; put down the "O"!



cabaret: reciting Keats and Cummings

. . . and Jabberwocky

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