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Auckland Daze

Brown Sugar Apple Grunt Productions
Written by Millen Baird; directed by Kiel McNaughton
Season 1 (6 episodes) released August/September 2012
Season 2 (6 episodes) released December 2013/January 2014

All Auckland Daze videos are available on Vimeo; click here.

Sophie Henderson, Fasitua Amosa, Kerry Warkia, Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Jacqui Nauman, Jimmy James Fletcher, Glen Levy, Kim Crossman
Millen Baird

Starring Fasitua Amosa, Millen Baird, Jimmy James Fletcher, Glen Levy (as themselves), and Jennifer Ward-Lealand as Wanda

Michael guest-starring in episode 1.6.


Michael guest-starring in episode 2.5.

Michael guest-starring in episode 2.6.

Reviews of Auckland Daze

New Zealand Herald:  "Ward-Lealand ... eats up the screen as actor/writer Millen Baird's expletive-dependent cougar mum. ... Auckland Daze is coarse and confronting, silly and strangely - perhaps accidentally - profound.  It's just what we need on TV in these troubling and often laugh-starved times".

Nelson Mail: "Jennifer Ward-Lealand is a national treasure ... clearly enjoying chewing the scenery as Millen's overbearing mother ... there is fun to be had with poking Auckland's celebretainment figures in the  eye".

Listener: "It's all rather reflexive - they might have called it Curb Your Entourage ... Millen still lives with his mother Wanda, celebrity real estate agent and cougar, played, with blithe disregard for her dignity, by Jennifer Ward-Lealand ... Daze is juvenlie and disturbing and makes you fear for the gene pool. I quite like it".

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