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The Man Who Has Everything

This was a pilot, filmed in 2001, for a series intended for the Discovery Health Channel.  Michael Hurst played George Allwell,"typical American male".  The premise was that each episode would show George dealing with some new health problem in order to illustrate diagnostic methods and treatments.  It mixed serious, instructive scenes with humorous, imaginative ones showing George's reactions to what he was going through.   The series was not picked up, but the pilot was shown at least a few times in 2002 on Discovery Health.





After his run, George's problem begins when he has chest pains while making love to his wife.

His doctor finds nothing wrong except
slightly elevated blood pressure . . .


but the symptoms could indicate a serious problem,
so he sends George to a cardiologist.


One of the tests involves the injection of a radio isotope. 
George waits while it circulates through his system.


A radioactive injection . . .is this really such a good idea?


Then there's the stress test.  It starts out ok, but near the end, the pain is back.

The pain eases once George is off the treadmill, but there's no question that something is wrong.

George is shown his test results and told that he
probably has a blockage of his main coronary artery.


He is told to "get a good night's rest"
 and come back in the morning for an
angiogram and probable angioplasty.


He signs the consent forms and waits to be taken to the operating room.


But to George, it feels like he's waiting for something far different.

 But the procedure is a success, and
George can resume all of his normal activities.


When his wife finds out, she does what
any reasonable woman would!




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