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Presented by Beth Allen and Charlie McDermott
Auckland, New Zealand, 11 September-3 October 2009 at The Basement
written by Tracy Letts; directed by Cameron Rhodes;
fight choreography by Michael Hurst

Chris Smith   Charlie McDermott
Sharla Smith
  Sara Wiseman
Ansel Smith
  Craig Hall
Dottie Smith
  Beth Allen
Joe Cooper
  Colin Moy
Direction   Cameron Rhodes
Set Design
  Simon Coleman
Costume Design
  Hannah Woods
Lighting Design
  Paul Shaw
Fight choreographer
  Michael Hurst

Craig Hall and Charlie McDermott

Colin Moy and Beth Allen

Charlie McDermott

Charlie McDermott and Beth Allen

Beth Allen

Craig Hall and Sara Wiseman

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Reviews of Killer Joe

Craccum:  "The ending . . . involves the most thrilling, and realistic fight scene I have seen. . . . The play is worth going to just to see these final two minutes alone".

Coup de Main:  " . . . some of the best staged fight scenes in a while, as well as a surprising amount of laughs along the way".