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Future Realities Auckland Workshop 4:
Creative Makers Round Table

12 May 2017

Michael was one of the presenters at the Creative Makers Round Table, an event at #Techweek17.

Through this workshop, we hope to see everyday storytellers discovered and teamed up with skilled practitioners. So if you're a creative of any kind, a budding film maker, a writer, a producer, a game designer, whatever the case, come along and engage, and gain a leg up in the industry by picking the brains of innovative thinkers and storytellers.

Our Round Table will include experts in: narrative design, game design, immersive theatre, VR, AR/mixed reality, film, TV, documentary, creative financing, internet of things, graphic novels, podcasts and technology.

Confirmed Experts:
Michael Hurst (Spartacus, Ash vs Evil Dead, 800 Words) -
TV and Theatre Director
  Nick Jones (Punk Writer Ltd., Path of Exile, Orbus VR) -
Narrative Design and Non-Linear Storytelling
Amie Mills (TVNZ) - Multiplatform Storytelling   Alejandro Dvila (The Green Fairy) - VR Storytelling
Brenda Leeuwenberg (NZ On Air) -Multiplatform Storytelling   Melanie Langlotz (GEO AR) - AR Storytelling
Aliesha Staples (Staples Productions) - Virtual Reality   Dave Hughes (Mixt) - MR/AR - Special Projects
Roy Davies (Imersia) - Augmented Reality and AI   Tof Ekklund - Narrative Design/Graphic Novel
Yvette Reid (Pork Pie, Dark Horse) - Performance Casting   Nikolaj Wendt (Grinding Gear Games) - Game Design
Elise Sterbeck (The Basement Theatre) - Live Performance   Dr. Vanessa Burnes (UNITEC) - Director
Charlie McDermott (Augusto, The Generation of Z) -
Interactive Theatre and Creative Technology
  Cass Avery (Augusto/Chasing Great)
Alice Shearman (NZ Writers Guild)

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