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Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster: an interactive comedy trial

Presented by Burrowed Time
Q Theatre - Loft, Auckland, New Zealand
Written by Will Moffatt, directed by John Burrows
3 March 2018

Mix one part whodunit, one part courtroom drama, together with a handful of agile actors.  Spread over a comedy biscuit base and then turn it on its head!  Throw in a special guest for good measure and put into the theatre with an audience of about 120.  This is the recipe for Judge, Jury & Cookie Monster, an interactive comedy trial, where you set the verdict; Guilty or Not Guilty.

Players: Kirsty Bruce, Courtney Eggleton, Lucas Haugh, Will Moffatt, Sneha Shetty and Kyle Shields, with guest plaintiffs Eli Matthewson (27 February), Kura Forrester (28 February), Nic Sampson (1 March), James Roque (2 March), and Michael Hurst (3 March).

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