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Dragons Cabtastical

Auckland Live International Cabaret Season
The Basement; 1 October 2016

Drag queens of Auckland transform baby DRAGons into superstars

Drag Queens of Auckland transform Baby Dragons, i.e., willing/forced celebs, into drag superstars who then perform for your enjoyment.  This special late-night cabaret show invites some of the best international cabaret talent from the Festival and some of our very own talented stars!  See them perform live with no lip sync to save them, and made over to be the epitome of fabulous!

Hosted by Auckland's irreverent diva Lola La Bomb, this one-off cabaret is guaranteed to be packed with special guests including Frisky and Mannish, Michael Hurst, and Madeleine Sami, plus camp antics and naughtiness.

Michael singing 24 Hours from Tulsa

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