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Happy Days

Presented by Silo Theatre
Auckland, New Zealand, 20 August-18 September 2010
written by Samuel Backett; directed by Michael Hurst


  Robyn Malcolm  
  Michael Hurst
  Cameron Rhodes  
Set Design
  John Verryt
Costume Design
  Elizabeth Whiting
Lighting Design
  Sean Lynch



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Reviews of Happy Days

The Big Idea:  "That it is fascinationg play is a tribute to the two actors and director Michael Hurst.  Directing a play where the actors barely move must be difficult, but it was always, unfalteringly intriguing.  Malcolm's performance was, as it needed to be, mesmerising".

Listener:  "Hurst's direction captures the vaudeville humour, particularly in the sexual innuendo and the byplay between the 'talkative wife' and the 'henpecked husband' . . . "

Theatreview:  "Director Michael Hurst has focused predominantly on character: Malcolm's eternally friendly, pragmatically optimistic biddy against Rhode's coarse, recalcitrant old bastard . . .  An extract from Peter Brook in the programme puts it in a way I see no cause to rephrase: '[the] audience leaves . . . nourished and enriched, with a lighter heart, full of strange irrational joy'."

NZ Herald:  "Malcolm's performance is an absolute marvel.  The play's restricted movement highlights the qualities that make her as compelling in the small screen close-up.  Her smile lights up the whole theatre while moments of anguish bring forth real tears.  Cameron Rhodes has few lines but he uses them superbly . . . "