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Episode 1.5: 'Shadow Games'

Written by Miranda Kwok; Directed by Michael Hurst
Premiered on Starz 5 February 2010

Andy Whitfield   Spartacus   Lliam Powell   Numerius
John Hannah   Batiatus   Catherine Boniface   Priestess
Peter Mensah   Doctore   Reuben de Jong   Theokoles
Manu Bennett   Crixus   Dylan Hopkins   Ovidius' son
Nick E. Tarabay   Ashur   Raicho Vasilev   Gnaeus
Viva Bianca   Ilithyia   Siaosi Fonua   Hamilcar
Lucy Lawless   Lucretia   David Austin   Medicus
Jai Courtney   Varro        
Antonio Te Maioha   Barca   Created by   Steven S. DeKnight
Craig Walsh-Wrightson   Solonius   Executive Producer   Rob Tapert
Matthew Chamberlain   Ovidius   Executive Producer   Sam Raimi
John Bach   Magistrate Calavius   Executive Producer   Joshua Donen
Janine Burchett   Domitia   Executive Producer   Steven S. DeKnight
Matt Gillander   Marcellus   Produced by   Chloe Smith

'Shadow Games' promo

Doctore trains the gladiators at Batiatus' ludus.

Lucretia and Batiatus are interrupted from their amorous intent when Magistrate Calavius arrives.

He seeks gladiators to fight in the Primus, games "to appease the gods and end the drought".

Crixus and Spartacus are chosen to fight Theokoles in the primus.

Barca and Ashur bring news to Batiatus about the man who tried to kill him.

Varro tells Spartacus of Theokoles' legendary accomplishments in the arena.

Training for the primus begins; Crixus and Spartacus don't fight as a team, and Doctore easily bests them both.

Doctore shows them the scars from his battle with Theokoles.  "Fight as one.  Or die as two".

Ilithyia watches the training. 

"How Crixus moves. His muscles catch the sun. Truly the champion of Capua."

Ilithyia craves a closer look.

A private viewing . . .

A much closer look . . .

In return, she arranges for Lucretia to be treated by a priestess who helps women who are trying to get pregnant.

Batiatus hopes the treatment will be successful: "May the gods grant us miracle.  They fucking owe us something".

The priestess gives Lucretia a potion to drink.

For the ritual to work, Lucretia "must copulate within the hour . . . before the flame of life expires".

But Batiatus is not available.  He's busy exacting vengeance on the man who tried to kill him--and on his family.

Crixus tells Spartacus about the "glory" of being a gladiator: "There is no greater thing than standing victorious in the arena".

But Spartacus asks: "Is there no purpose beyond the blood?  No dream beyond the cheering crowd?  Is there nothing else you fight for?"

Lucretia summons Crixus for copulation purposes, but he tells her it would weaken him for the primus the next day.

She grants him favor; there will be no copulation within the magic hour.

After Naevia takes Crixus back to the barracks, his feelings about the weakening effects of copulation change.

Looking at her, he says it can give a man "hope, in the right arms".

Varro tells Spartacus the wagering odds against him surviving the primus.

Doctore gives last minute instruction before the primus begins: "Heal old wounds. Kill that fucking son of a whore".

Titus Cavalius announces the primus:  " . . . a spectacle of blood and death.  A sacrifice to Ceres,
the great goddess of renewal.  May her lips shower us with an ocean of rain!"

Crixus asks Spartaus if his wife is the reason he "refuses to die," and grants that "maybe there is something beyond glory".

Crixus and Spartacus enter the arena.

Varro can do nothing but watch from the sidelines with Ashur and Barca.

Theokoles - "The Shadow of Death" - enters the arena.

His roar ignites the crowd, and the battle begins.

Crixus and Spartatus work together--with some success!

Theokoles falls!  Victory!

Let the celebration begin!

But wait, what's this?

Theokoles lives still!

And fights as strongly as ever.

Spartacus is down!

Crixus attacks alone and is badly injured, but manages to give Spartacus a springboard off of his shield.

Then he positions his helmet to reflect the sun into Theokoles eyes, giving Spartacus an opening.

Spartacus takes advantage and defeats Theokoles, cutting off his head.  Theokoles will not rise again.

As the ovation builds, clouds fill the sky--and rain begins to fall!

Their prayers are answered!  The drought is broken!

The crowd cheers.  "Spartacus! Spartacus! Spartacus!"

Bringer of Rain.

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