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Urbis 24 Hour Deadline Theatre
Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall
9 March 2006



Michael and Jennifer were two of the directors of the 2006 edition of Urbis 24 Hour Deadline Theatre.

The following description of the event is from a preview article in the New Zealand Herald

"At 7.30pm on Saturday, eight playwrights are given mystery props . . . and an envelope containing photographs of three actors. They have 12 hours to write a 10-minute play.

"At 7.30am the next day, the playwrights pass their scripts to eight professional theatre directors and their three-strong teams of actors, who have the day to learn lines and rehearse.

"Twelve hours later eight new plays are revealed to the audience."  (Click here for complete article).

Michael directed Flotsom & Jetsom by Pip Hall, and Jennifer directed The House That Jack Built by Fiona Samuel, shows 3 and 4 in the program below.  (The House That Jack Built won the competition; see article).

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