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Second Afterlife

Basement Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand
3-20 October 2014

Presented by Young and Hungry Festival of New Theatre
Written by Ralph McCubbin Hawell; directed by Leon Wadham
Fight Choreography by Michael Hurst

  Katie Longbottom  
  Leon Wadham
  Jackson Bliss-McCauley  
  Gabrielle Vincennt
  Jarred Blakiston  
Set Designer Mentor
  John Parker
  Ravi Gurunathan  
Set Designer Mentees
  Claudia Mailei, Grace Neely


  Jessica Stubbing  
Costume Design Mentor
  Sara Taylor
The Guide
  Anthony Crum  
Costume Design Mentees
  Francesca Wilson, Natasha Hoyland, Zara O'Rourke
Lighting Design Mentor
  Jane Hakaria
Lighting Mentees
  Casey Crowley, Shivani Lee
Fight Choreographer
  Michael Hurst
Tango Choreographer
  Jeremy Birchall

Photos by Andi Crown Photography; click here for more pics..

Reviews of Second Afterlife

Theatreview: "A piece of theatre with its heart in the right place and its head screwed firmly on! ... Both the pace of the script and the exceptional work done by both the Tango and Fight Choreographers (Jeremy Birchall and Michael Hurst respectively) make for a very quick show.".

Theatre Scenes: "Michael Hurst's fight choreography works well in the confined Basement space".

Lumiere Reader:  "It's a script that requires a lot from everyone involved, especially on the production side. There's a lot of different worlds that need to be visualised, and the shifts between these need to be as seamless as the worlds need to be distinct. It's a credit to the director Leon Wadham and the design team that Second Afterlife never reveals how difficult these changes must be, and it remains an incredibly fleet, poppy and enjoyable piece of theatre".