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Mataku is a half-hour New Zealand drama series about contemporary people who have mysterious encounters with Maori mythology and spirituality.

Michael Hurst guest starred in the 2002 episode "The Final Plume" ("Te Raukura") as Dr. Forbes, the "dick-head shrink" who insisted on assigning Western psychological tenets to a young Maori man who unexplainedly attacked his step-father. Failure to recognize the boy's Maori spiritual sickness in time resulted in tragedy for the boy and his family.



Dr. Forbes:  "Oh, hello, Mr. and Mrs. Ngari.  Sorry to keep you waiting".

Dr. Forbes:  "Uh, Mrs. Ngari, did Sean ever show signs of being angry at the fact that he doesn't know his real father?"


Mrs. Ngari:  "Whether my husband is Sean's natural father or not has got nothing to do with you, and it's got nothing to do with this. 

Mrs. Ngari:  "So unless you've got a very good reason for keeping us all here, you can take your questions, shove them up your ass!"

Mrs. Ngari:  "I don't think you understand, doctor. I'm talking about a Maori sickness, a spiritual sickness". 

Dr. Forbes:  "Mrs. Ngari, the cultural background may give us a context, but in my experience the answer is usually found much closer to home . . . "


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