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Murder on the Blade?

Written, Directed, and Produced by Keith Hunter
Hunter Productions

Originally Aired 7 November 2003 on TV One
New Zealand Screen Awards 'Best Documentary 2003/04'
Available on dvd from Hunter Productions.


Michael Gill
John Mellor
  Millie Thomas
Shaitama Gill
Ian Mune
  William Walker
Caitlin Adams
Thomas Hobbs
Morgana O'Reilly
  Alison Wall
Michele A'Court
Michael Hurst
Stephen Papps
  John Watson
David Aston
Adrian Keeling
Jessica Phillips
  David Whittet
Robert Chanton
Daniel Karena
Andrew Robertt
  Scott Wills
Anji Foster
Nicole Klink
Fiona Samuel
  Keith J. Wilson

Murder on the Blade? examines the case against Scott Watson, convicted of the New Year's Eve 1997 murders of Ben Smart and Olivia Hope. Documentary producer Keith Hunter interviews witnesses and examines the evidence, arguing that Watson was wrongly convicted.  From the dvd description:  "The film visualises the central arguments and presents the views of the most vital prosecution eyewitnesses, who make it clear that they believe they were tricked into identifying Watson as the killer.  Their views are unanimously that Watson is innocent".

Along with the interviews, the film also includes brief recreations of key parts of the trial.  Michael plays one of Watson's defence lawyers in these segments.




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