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Venus Is

Presented by The Dust Palace
at The Loft, Q Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand, 7-17 September 2011
developed by Eve Gordon, Mike Edward, Nisha Madhan, Lisa Chappell, Michael Hurst

Venus Is was the first production to be presented in the newly-opened Q Loft.


Mike Edward
Geoff Gilson
Colleen Davis
Edward Newborn
Lynn Waldegrave
Amy Richardson-Impey
Ebon Grayman
Eve Gordon
Flavio Villani (piano)

Nisha Madhan

Brady King

Wilma Kotze

Michael Craven
Scott Anderson
Julie Clark
Bianca Scarlett
Becky Ehlers

Eve Gordon
ike Edward
Nisha Madhan
Lisa Chappell
Michael Hurst

Marina Tavetayeva, Beartijz of Nazareth, Nina Simone, Jean Rhys, Archillachos, William Shakespeare, Tuppy Owens, James Joyce, Milan Kundera, E.E. Cummings, Emily Dickinson, Anais Nin, Constantine Cavafy, Adrienne Rich



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Reviews of
Venus Is

Theatreview:  "Venus Is . . . is very physical theatre which intersperses cirque feats, burlesque sequences, audience interaction, sultry songs, bursts of dance, and cameo moments from variously garbed characters, all related to . . . various aspects of love.  . . . definitely the kind of show you need to see more than once".

NZ Herald:  "Dust Palace's exuberant paean to the joys of erotic indulgence. The show offers up a smorgasbord of theatrical forms with acrobatics, contemporary dance and puppetry interwoven with song, recitations and dramatic sketches . . . the highlights of the show come with the superbly choreographed acrobatics featuring the finely muscled bodies and disciplined athleticism of highly trained performers".

The Common Critic:  "Through bawdy and joyful dancing, Nina Simone jams sung with moving energy, intense sex scenes on a four-poster bed and good ol' ribald humour, this show is just begging to be adored - and goes to great lengths for it".