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The Almighty Johnsons
Episode 2.1: "And Then She Will Come to You"
Written by James Griffin; directed by Simon Bennett
Produced by South Pacific Pictures; Premiered on TV3 on 29 February 2012.

Michael has a recurring role in the second season as the god Kvasir.


Kvasir spots Olaf in a bar.  It's not a happy reunion--they have history.

Axl Johnson (Odin)
  Emmett Skilton  
Agnetha (Freyja)
  Alison Bruce
Mike Johnson (Ullr)
  Timothy Balme  
Ingrid (Snotra)
  Rachel Nash
Anders Johnson (Bragi)
  Dean O'Gorman  
Michele (Sjofn)
  Michelle Langstone
Ty Johnson (Hoor)
  Jared Turner  
Stacey (Fulla)
  Eve Gordon
Olaf Johnson (Baldr)
  Ben Barrington  
Eva Gunderson (Hel)
  Brooke Williams
Colin Gunderson (Loki)
  Shane Cortese  
  Keisha Castle-Hughes
  Hayden Frost
  Fern Sutherland

The story thus far: On his 21st birthday, Axl Johnson is informed by his brothers that he is a god, a Norse god, as they and their grandfather all are.  Specifically, Axl is Odin.  However, the Johnsons do not have all of their godly powers and only when Axl (Odin) is reunited with the goddess Frigg will their full powers return.  Thus begins the hunt for Frigg.  There is also a group of goddesses keeping track of what they're doing and often interfering with the quest.

Near the end of the first episode of season 2, while the brothers are looking for Frigg, they run into Kvasir, wisest of the gods, who was formed from the spittle of the other gods and must therefore answer any question they put to him.  Being made from spit, he is also able to liquify himself, and he uses this ability to escape from difficult situations.


When Kvasir sees Baldr, he immediately runs away. 

Axl, Mike, and  Olaf corner Kvasir in a dead-end alley.

The story emerges:  Kvasir burned up Olaf's house-truck in 1979
while lighting candles to set the mood to have sex with Olaf's girlfriend.
  Olaf is so angry that Mike has to pull him away to cool down.

Once they're alone, Axl asks Kvasir the obvious question--
"How do I find Frigg?"--and Kvasir must respond: 
"If you are truly Odin, she will come to you".

His response is more riddle than answer: 
"To become a god, you must first become a man".

"When the man is a man, the man will become a god".

"Then the goddess will reveal herself."

While Axl tries to make sense of that, Kvasir turns into a liquid--
and leaks himself down a drain, leaving only a pile of raggedy clothes.

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