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The Trees Beneath the Lake
(directed play reading)

Auckland Theatre Company/The Next Stage
ATC Studio One, Auckland, New Zealand, 17-18 November 2012


Nieve Campbell Catherine Wilkin   Writer Arthur Meek
Ross Campbell Reuben Bowen   Director Simon Bennett
Tom McFraser Bruce Phillips   Dramaturg Anders Falstie-Jensen
Jennifer Campbell Theresa Healey   Asst. Stage Manager Amo Ieriko
William Campbell Michael Hurst      
Ruth Laughton Jodie Hillock      


Golden boy William Campbell was making his first forays into politics when the recession hit, and his finance company got caught in the landslide.  In the aftermath, William's business practices have been brought into question, and charges have been levelled at him.  In a last ditch effort to save his reputation, his personal fortune and his political ambitions, William returns to his mother Nieve's house in Central Otago.

It seems a lifetime ago that Nieve lost her battle to save the family orchard from being drowned beneath the waters of the Clyde Dam, though she takes heart that the fires of that battle forged the character of her beloved son.  But as Nieve convenes the family to fight for their future, she accidentally shines a devastating new light on their past.

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