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Our Big Blue Backyard

Produced by NHNZ
Broadcast on TVOne, November/December 2014

Narrated by Michael Hurst

Michael narrated this nature series exploring six unique marine locations around NZ's coastline.  The
series reveals the daily dramas, challenges and triumphs of the marine animals who live in these neighbourhoods
- from iconic orca, dolphins and sharks to blue cod, snapper and crayfish, and all in between.

The series is available on dvd from retailers or from NHNZ's TradeMe store.

It is also available to watch online on TVNZ Ondemand.

Ep. 1: Northland
Ep. 2: Goat Island
Ep. 3: Poor Knights Islands

Ep. 4: Kaikoura
Ep. 5: Open Bay Islands
Ep. 6: Stewart Island

NZ Herald (5 November): "Normally nature show narrators are poor imitators of David Attenborough who disappoint us by not being David Attenborough, but New Zealand's Michael Hurst has just the right soothing tone to tell us about the naughty bits of fishes, as he has been doing in the excellent TVNZ series, Our Big Blue Backyard."

NZ Herald (1 December):  "Nature is the lonely area in TV-making where New Zealand has, for a long time, punched well above its weight and ... Our Big Blue Backyard is an eye-whackingly gorgeous example of that ... Try not to miss it."