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Wild Animal Rescue

Produced by Clawed Hat Films
Narration by Michael Hurst

Wild Animal Rescue is a documentary tv series that follows international animal welfare organization
Four Paws on daring and sometimes dangerous rescue missions to give animals a better life.



1.01 'Felida Tigers and Lionsrock', directed by Anton Leach; premiered 11 January 2017
A drama packed mission flying six tigers from the Netherlands to South Africa is hardly off the ground
before there's a medical emergency; and the challenges of treating lions with medical problems.

1.02 'Gaza Lion Cubs Rescue', directed by Anton Leach; premiered 18 January 2017
International animal rescue organization Four Paws goes on a dangerous mission into the Gaza Strip to rescue
two lion cubs. But tricky negotiations with the lions' owner, red tape and suspicions create chaos for the team.

1.03 'Restaurant Bears and the Last Wild Horses', directed by Anton Leach; premiered 25 January 2017
Locked in small cages and used as attractions at small private zoos and even local restaurants,
the future of 15 Kosovo bears is bleak if animal rescue organization Four Paws doesn't take action;
and a team go to Romania's Danube Delta to rescue Europe's last wild horses from the slaughterhouse.

1.04 'Plight of the Lions', directed by Anton Leach; premiered 7 February 2017
We follow Four Paws' efforts to give captive lions a better life. A family of five lions who suffered a harsh life in a Romanian zoo are
given a new home, and a new lease on life; and we take a look at a shocking, yet legal industry that is threatening South Africa's lions.

1.05 'Closing the "Worst Zoo in the World"', directed by Anton Leach; premiered 26 April 2017
Animals at a struggling zoo in Gaza are in desperate need of aid.  Left devastated by war, Khan Younis Zoo
was dubbed the 'worst zoo in the world'.  In 2014 Khan Younis Zoo boasted 44 animals, now only 15 remain. 
Four Paws must rapidly swing into action to relocate the remaining animals and find new homes for them.

1.06 'Sanctuary for Wildlife in the Middle East and the Rhino Crisis', directed by Anton Leach; premiered 3 May 2017
Lionsrock is an animal welfare project by Four Paws, a big cat sanctuary situated in the heart of South
Africa.  It's a place where rescued big cats can live with dignity, safe and protected for the rest of their lives.

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