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Episode 1.12: 'Revelations'

Written by Brent Fletcher; Directed by Michael Hurst
Premiered on Starz 9 April 2010

Andy Whitfield   Spartacus   Tim Foley   Hector
John Hannah   Batiatus   Janine Burchett   Domitia
Peter Mensah   Doctore   Michael Morris   Vesper
Manu Bennett   Crixus   Josh Randall   Iovis
Nick E. Tarabay   Ashur   Siaosi Fonua   Hamilcar
Viva Bianca   Ilithyia   Ioane King   Rhaskos
Katrina Law   Mira   David Austin   Medicus
Lucy Lawless   Lucretia        
Craig Parker   Glaber        
Lesley-Ann Brandt   Naevia   Created by   Steven S. DeKnight
Craig Walsh-Wrightson   Solonius   Executive Producer   Rob Tapert
Daniel Feuerriegel   Agron   Executive Producer   Sam Raimi
Ande Cunningham   Duro   Executive Producer   Joshua Donen
Brooke Williams   Aurelia   Executive Producer   Steven S. DeKnight
Lliam Powell   Numerius   Produced by   Chloe Smith

'Revelations' promo


Batiatus visits Solonius to gloat over setting him up for the murder of Calavius, before putting him into the arena to be executed
for the crime.  Solonius: "Well played, Batiatus. I underestimated you".  Batiatus: "You're not the first to die for that mistake".

Batiatus announces the execution: "Today we shall witness justice.
The base criminal that has so wounded us shall be executed ad gladium".

"Enter Solonius, enemy of the people".  The crowd boos and pelts him with rotting vegetables as he enters.

Batiatus: "Who shall balance the scale? Who shall restore honour to our city? 
There is but one man. The slayer of Theokoles, the bringer of rain--Spartacus! Champion of Capua!" 

Soon Solonius is on his knees, mortally wounded, as Spartacus prepares to sever his head.  Solonius: "You take the wrong life. Your
master, Batiatus, he is the villian".  Spartatus: "He shall join you presently".
  Solonius laughs heartily at the prospect as the blade swings.

Batiatus sends Mira to Spartacus. She guesses he is planning to kill Batiatus, and informs him of Roman law: "If one slave
spills the blood of his master, all are put to death". 
It fails to sway Spartascus: "Each to his own fate. And I to mine".

Ashur's reward for his treachery against Solonius includes the female slave of his choice.  He knows exactly who he wants.

Naevia uses the key she has stolen to open the gates so she and Crixus can be together.  They whisper their love. 
Crixus: "There is no meaning to glory without your eyes to witness it."  Naevia: "They will never again be absent".

But they barely escape discovery when Lucretia comes looking for Naevia.  Lucretia: "There is a service required of you by Dominus".

The "service" is that she is to be Ashur's reward! "Delicate, ripe Naevia. Always forbidden fruit. Until now".

Lucretia is angry: "You give her away as if a common whore".  Batiatus: "The only gift of chastity is in its removal". 
Lucretia: "By a man of worth. Not fucking Ashur! Naevia has been my most trusted slave . . . It's betrayal, Quintus".

Spartacus beats out his anger and frustration on a "wooden man," while visions of Sura--and Batiatus, her killer--race through his mind.

Batiatus impatiently supervises preparations for Glaber's arrival, with expectations of an offer of patronage as promised by Ilithyia.

Batiatus summons Spartacus, who hopes to use this opportunity to kill him.  As Spartacus is about to grab a knife from the table . . .

. . . he spots Aurelia!  Working as a slave!  If he harms Batiatus, she will be killed!  He leaves the knife; Batiatus lives another day.

Ashur taunts Crixus:  "Everything I am, everything I now possess, I owe to you".  Crixus doesn't yet know the full import of his words.

Ilithyia arrives without Glaber. She says that he comes separately and expects Batiatus
to greet him upon entering the city--and that he arrives "now".  Batiatus rushes to meet him.

Ilithyia announces that she is returning to Rome and, kissing Lucretia, says "Your friendship,
Lucretia, has forever altered my life".  They both know the balance of power has once again shifted.

Glaber and his men ride through Capua.

Batiatus rushes forward:  "Legatus Glaber! Your arrival honours the fair city of Capua!"  Glaber: "An honour I
expected matched by greeting at the gate".  Glaber dismisses Batiatus, riding past him to move on to other business.

As she takes him to Luretia, Crixus doesn't understand why Naevia won't meet his eyes. 
Finally she tells him:  "Dominus has given me to another".  But she won't tell him who.

Lucretia's advances on Crixus are interrupted when she collapses in a swoon.

Batiatus returns home, furious from his encounter with Glaber.  He finds Lucretia being tended by her slaves: "What's happened?"

Lucretia: "I am with child.  You're to be a father, Quintus". 

Glaber finally arrives.  He's furious too--his inquiries into Licinia's disappearance have led to nothing.  But he lets Ilithyia distract him.

Finally Batiatus gets the chance to tell Glaber of his ambitions and to ask for patronage. But Glaber wants to know what's in it for him.

Batiatus: "My gladiators ignite the passion of the crowd. Lend name to my cause and see their deafening cheers
transformed into demands for Claudius Glaber. At his desired position of Praetor".  Glaber demands a demonstration first.

Batiatus: "Behold, the legend is proved".

Glaber wants one more thing from Spartacus before patronage is granted: 
"Kneel, and it shall be so".  Spartacus looks at Aurelia, and kneels.

Ashur approaches Naevia and caresses her, making sure Crixus is watching.

And now Crixus knows who she has been given to!

In a fury, Crixus attacks . . .

, , , beating and strangling Ashur. 

Finally he's dragged away.

Ashur accuses Crixus of having had sex with Naevia before she was given to him; Lucretia sees that it's the truth.

"You whore! How long? How fucking long? How long have you hidden laughter behind a polite smile?"

"How long have you been luring him to your filthy slave cunt?"

Lucretia finds the stolen key that Naevia used "to open the gate so you could lie with Crixus. You alone knew of my feelings for him.
And yet you betray me".  Naevia: "Crixus never loved you! He did only as commanded".  Lucretia, smiling: "Mira, bring me a knife".

Appalled by Batiatus' "slaves running wild," Glaber withdraws patronage and prepares to return to Rome.  But Batiatus stops him.

A "gift" is presented.  It is Licinia's rotting, disembodied hand, still wearing her identifying ring.

Batiatus tells Glaber that Ilithyia killed her and he threatens to expose the crime. 
Ilithyia: "Claudius, you cannot believe me capable of such a thing".

But Glaber sees the truth in her eyes, and slaps her hard.  Batiatus has won: "Patronage is granted".

Glaber leaves for Rome, leaving troops--and Ilithyia--behind.

Batiatus has Crixus whipped by Doctore: "No man is above retribution for offences committed against the house of Batiatus".

While they watch the flogging, Batiatus informs Lucretia that he expects her "meetings with Crixus" to end.

Batiatus:  "That you would think me a fool is insult enough. I have always known".

Doctore grants Crixus and Naevia a moment together before she is sent away: "He was our champion once. Allow him such respect".

Crixus: "I have destroyed us.  . . .  I will win my freedom. I will not rest until I find you".

But Naevia tells Doctore not to let Crixus seek freedom, because when Barca was supposedly freed, Batiatus actually had him killed.

Duro and Agron figure out that Spartacus is planning escape, and want to know how he will get past Batiatus and the Romans.

Spartacus:  "There is but one path. We kill them all".

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