Presented by the The Large Group at the
Maidment Theatre, Auckland, New Zealand, 29 May-16 June 2004
Written by William Shakespeare; directed by Michael Hurst






Director's Notes:

What is this play?

The story is simple enough--spurred on by omens and prophecies, Macbeth and his wife kill the King, assume power and, in doing so open a Pandora's box of paranoia, madness and retribution. Eventually they die and order is restored in the form of the King's rightful heir, Malcolm.

But wait! There's more!

What we are really seeing is the psychological descent of the Macbeths into a murky hell of doubts, fears, nihilism and despair. It is the corruption and tragic fall of two "golden" people whose predilection for the darker side of human nature eventually devours their souls. And, it is an observation of the sad and awful break up of a marriage.

Michael Hurst


Year-End Kudos, from the New Zealand Herald, 15 December 2004:

"That most consistently impressive director and performer of Shakespeare, Michael Hurst, waded right into the jet-black heart of the bloody tragedy, with Anna Hewlett playing a beautifully judged Lady M."

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