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This Is It

This Is It was a three-hour, live, outdoor millennium celebration held in the Auckland Domain on New Year's Eve 1999.  Michael Hurst was the narrator of the theatrical presentation of 2000 years of significant events in world and New Zealand history.  It required a cast of over 1000, a choir of 200, and it featured the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.  Parts of the live broadcast were picked up around the world (Inside Out Productions estimates that it was seen by two billion viewers worldwide at various times during the three hours), and the highest viewership was probably during Michael's countdown to midnight as Auckland became the first major city in the world to welcome the new millennium.

This Is It was immediately followed by Fire in the Sky, twelve minutes of fireworks with orchestral accompaniment and operatic and native Maori singers.  New Zealand puts on a good party!


"Ok, ladies and gentlemen, we're very close now.
We're very close to a new millennium.

If the last two thousand years are worth
anything, it's because we can learn from them.

Just think for a second what legacy you
will give to the future.

Look around right now; look at your loved ones,
look at the strangers;

Go on, have a good look at those faces and think
what and how can I affect them in the future

What will my legacy be for them. and for those
yet to be born, for those yet to come

Ok, I'm getting it through now, ladies and
gentlemen, take a look at each other,

say 'good bye' and get ready to say 'hello'!"



performers on the stage

the stage from above

Click here for pictures of Auckland's millennium firework show, Fire in the Sky

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