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Radio Interviews


'No Holds Bard' on Jesse Mulligan, Radio NZ National, 13 September 2016


Michael talks about his solo show, and about making the short film Balloons with The Actors' Program students.

'True Stories Told Live' on Summer Noelle, Radio NZ National, 18 January 2013


Michael talks about how New Zealand keeps him from succumbing to the trap of believing your own celebrity.

'Song I Could Listen to Again and Again' on Summer Noelle, Radio NZ National, 11 January 2013


Michael talks about the Don McGlashan song, Claude Rains.

'Jacques Brel Tribute' on Arts on Sunday, Radio NZ National, 28 October 2012


Michael and Tama Waipara talk about creating Silo Theatre's Brel.

8 Months to Mars, Radio NZ National, 14 May 2012


Michael talks about the upcoming season of Bard Day's Night at the Basement, and the show's future touring locations, his rehearsals for Tribes for Silo Theatre, directing Spartacus, plus what coming to New Zealand as a child meant to his life, and how he became an actor.  He also talks about the music, people, and books he would take along on a trip to Mars.

Sunday Morning, Radio NZ National, 19 February 2012

  Michael was the subject of the feature interview on Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw, talking about the upcoming premiere of his Shakespearean solo show Frequently Asked Questions (now called Bard Day's Night) at the New Zealand International Arts Festival, and about his life and career.

Upbeat on Radio NZ Concert, 27 October 2010
  Michael talks about directing and acting in Cabaret in the Spiegeltent for Auckland Theatre Company including: the challenge of working in the round, what he's learned in his research about the era of the show, when does sexuality become gratuitous, how does he prepare his own performance when he's directing, and who are the other professionals he is working with.  He also talks about the situation with NZ Actors' Equity and The Hobbit.

Upbeat on Radio NZ Concert, 12 March 2009

  Michael talks about directing a group of young actors in Life is a Dream for Silo Theatre's Ensemble Project including: the audition process, why this play, what it's about, training young actors.  He also talks about preparing to do the narration of Peter and the Wolf with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.  This is followed by a reading of Peter and the Wolf by Patrick Stewart.

The Arts on Sunday, Radio NZ National, 19 Oct. 2008

  Michael reviews Stephen Berkoff's One Man.

Upbeat, Radio NZ Concert, 17 June 2008
  Michael talks about directing Hansel and Gretel for NZ Opera including: how he came to direct his first opera, his interpretation of the piece and the reasons behind his design decisions, the differences between directing opera and theatre, what he had learned while directing Hercules, would he do another opera, and what kind of opera he prefers.

Playing Favourites, Radio NZ National, 31 May 2008
  In this far-ranging interview, Michael talks about songs that have been favorites throughout his life, and reflects on events in his life that he was going through at the time.  The first song is the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey, the first piece of music he really paid attention to.  He was 10 at the time, and went to see the movie many times.

The next song is from Jesus Christ Superstar, which had such an effect on him that he produced, directed, and starred as Herod in a production for his high school.  He also talks about life in England where he was in a gang when he was only 6.

The next song is Aqualung, which he remembers from when he was flatting at university.  His professional career began during this period when he got an apprenticeship with The Court Theatre, and an invititation from Raymond Hawthorne to come to Auckland and Theatre Corporate, which he did at the end of his apprenticeship.  He also talks about his production of Hamlet at the Watershed Theatre, and doing papers at Massey University to keep his mind occupied during the years of working on Hercules, and why he never pursued a career overseas when Hercules ended.

The next song is Claude Raines by The Front Lawn.  Jennifer sang with The Front Lawn, so he talked about getting together with her when they were both in the cast of The Trial, about doing fan conventions, and what he is and isn't good at around the house.  He then talked about doing Bitch Slap and Hansel and Gretel, and the state of the theatre scene in Auckland.

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