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Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

Presented by the Peach Theatre Company
Auckland, New Zealand, 3-26 June 2010
(Michael was unavailable for the final show)
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by Hugh Wheeler
Directed by Jesse Peach


Sweeney Todd
  Ross Girven  
  Jesse Peach
Mrs. Lovett
  Lynda Milligan  
Musical Director
  Anthony Young
  Tyran Parke  
  Emily O'Hara
Judge Turpin
  Michael Hurst  
Costume Designer
  Lynn Cottingham
beggar woman
  Sophia Hawthorne  
Lighting Designer
  Nic Janiurek
Anthony Hope
  Nic Kyle  
Sound Engineer
  Aidan Mills
  Jessie Cassin  
  Paul Barrett  
  Robert Dil
  Michael Lee Porter  
  Alex Chan
  Charlie McDermott  
  Jillian Christoff
  trumpet   Matthew Verrill
Ray Columbus   Antiona Prebble   percussion   John Bell
David Aston   Jane Horder   keyboard   Terence Penk
Cameron Douglas   Maria Satterfield   violin   Coralie Usmani
Greg Padoa   Catherine Reaburn   cello   Tom Pierard
Jyle Chuen   Tizane McEvoy   double bass   Tom Dennison
Julian Wilson            

Director's Notes (excerpt)

I guess you could say that I was naive to stage this show, blissfully unaware from the outset of the enormous challenges that lay ahead.

The idea to do Sweeney Todd started when I saw Lynda Milligan in The Producers in Christchurch--only playing a tiny role--but I knew immediately that we had to do this show together.  Turns out it's also Stephen Sondheim's 80th birthday this year, so the stars aligned, and once I got Ross Girven signed on, that was that.  Then in the six months it took to cast this show, I managed to collect and convince the extraordinary team of performers you see tonight to come along for the ride.

It's been an electric time working on this show with such powerful and insightful actors, and I'd like to thank them for such hard work and dedication.

Working on Sweeney Todd has been a real thrill--a dream, which has somehow unfurled and I have to pinch myself at times to make sure this is really happening.

the company

Sweeney Todd with the company

Judge Turpin lures the young Lucy to a party . . .

. . . and rapes her

Pirelli sells his "magical elixir"

Anthony visits Sweeney's shop and reveals his love for Johanna

Judge Turpin lusts for Johanna

. . . and tells her they are to be married

He goes to Sweeney's shop to spiff himself up for her.

When Sweeney kills Pirelli, Mrs. Lovatt suggests a novel way to get rid of the body.

Mrs. Lovatt's pies are so tasty now, they require a steady supply of meat . . .

. . . which Sweeney supplies.

Mrs. Lovatt dreams of a carefree future . . .

. . . but Sweeney has other dreams

Everyone is wanting Mrs Lovatt's pies . . .

. .  . but Tobias suspects that something is very wrong

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