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The Lady Killers

Produced by Auckland Theatre Company
12 February-7 March 2015 at Maidment Theatre

Written by Graham Linehan, directed by Colin McColl and Cameron Rhodes
Fight choreography by Michael Hurst

Mrs. Louise Wilberforce Annie Whittle   Director Colin McColl & Cameron Rhodes
One-Round Andrew Grainger   Set Designer Rachael Walker
Professor Marcus Carl Bland   Lighting Designer Phillip Dexter, MSc
Harry Robinson Bryon Coll   Sound Designer & Composer John Gibson
Constable MacDonald Paul Minifie   Costume Designer Paul Shaw
Louis Harvey Toby Leach   Fight choreographer Michael Hurst
Mrs. Jane Tromleyton Yvette Parsons      
Voice of General Gordon the Parrot Hera Dunleavy    
Friends of Mrs. Louise Wilberforce Sue East, Elizabeth Kernohan, Patricia Noonan, Christina Pusztay, Marianne Simpkins, Rosslyn Smillie

Theatreview:  "Credit must also be given to Michael Hurst's seamless stunt choreography that ensures the quick, often brutish exchanges are lively and impactful with no trace of stylised cliches".

Theatre Scenes:  "The cast proves the physical and intellectual demand of farce an achievable one thanks to Michael Hurst's signature stunt choreography and their own natural timing".