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Life is a Dream

Presented by Silo Theatre
Auckland, New Zealand, 14 March-11 April 2009 at the Herald Theatre
written by Pedto Calderon de la Barca; directed by Michael Hurst

Life is a Dream was the "Excavated Classic" half of The Ensemble Project,
presented in repertory with Back Story (directed by Oliver Driver),
the "Hand Made" half. The same eight young actors featured in the two plays.


Rosaura   Rachel Forman
  Renee Lyons
  Sam Snedden
  Johnny Bright
  Dan Musgrove
  Bree Peters
  Dan Musgrove
  Natalie Medlock
  Fern Sutherland
  Bree Peters
  Bree Peters
Direction   Michael Hurst
Set Design
  John Verryt
Costume Design
  Victoria Ingram
Lighting Design
  Jeremy Fern
Sound Design & Composition
  Jason Smith

Photos, below, © Andrew Malmo, Strata Creative

Rachel Forman as Rosaura, Renee Lyons as Clarion

Sam Snedden as Segismundo

Johnny Bright as Clotaldo

Natalie Medlock as Estrella, Dan Musgrove as Astolfo

Natalie Medlock as Estrella

Fern Sutherland as Basilia

Fern Sutherland as Basilia


Bree Peters, Fern Sutherland as Basilia

Johnny Bright as Clotaldo, Fern Sutherland as Basilia

Rachel Forman
as Rosaura

Fern Sutherland as Basilia, Sam Sneed as Segismundo

Fern Sutherland as Basilia, Sam Sneed as Segismundo

Sam Sneed as Segismundo

Sam Sneed as Segismundo, Rachel Forman as Rosaura

Rachel Forman as Rosaura

Rachel Forman as Rosaura

Dan Musgrove as Astolfo, Natalie Medlock as Estrella

Natalie Medlock as Estrella



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Reviews of Life is a Dream

New Zealand Herald:  "Vigorous and intense, Life's a Dream, written by Spaniard Pedro Calderon de la Barca in 1636 and set in Poland, is an exhilarating tragi-comic ride offering both brutality and humour, and this Silo Theatre production sets the right tone for both."

Theatreview:  " . . . richly humorous and poetic, a good starting point for director Michael Hurst and his well-appointed cast.  . . . Life is a Dream addresses [the theme] with skilfully crafted dramatic power. . . . all the performances are solid.   . . . the distinct neo-classical, technological production values pack a solid Hurstian punch".

Metro: " . . . eight young actors under the direction of Michael Hurst throw themselves into this 17th-century Spanish play with such energy, you'd swear they believe their lives depend on it.  . . . This is a production for actors to strut their physical stuff".