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The Eight: Reindeer Monologues
by Jeff Goode

Produced by The Basement Theatre;
directed by Cameron Rhodes.
Auckland, New Zealand, 4-19 December 2008.

Proceeds from the production were used to purchase air conditioning for The Basement.



A total of forty actors played The Eight, with each role being portrayed by one of five actors.


Fasitua Amosa   Kura Forrester
Oliver Driver   Nisha Madhan
Charlie McDermott   Justine Smith
Harry McNaughton   Sarah Thomson
Edwin Wright   Liesha Ward-Knox
Abigail Greenwood   Shane Bosher
Natalie Medlock   Todd Emerson
Morgana O'Reilly   Steven Fitzgibbon
Madeleine Sami   Kelson Henderson
David Van Horn   Brett O'Gorman
Michelle Blundell   Beth Allen
Jacque Drew   Sophie Henderson
Renee Lyons   Anna Jullienne
Hannah Marshall   Fleur Saville
Antonia Prebble   Bonnie Soper
David De Lautour   Claire Chitham
Dan Musgrove   Michael Hurst
Dean O'Gorman   Cherie James
Benedict Wall   Glen Pickering
    Sara Wiseman

Director   Cameron Rhodes
Producers   Charlie McDermott
    Beth Allen
    John Moffett
Production Manager   Josh Hyman
Lighting Design   Jonny Cross
Operator   Paul Shaw
Antler Design   Chantelle Gerrard

Director's Notes

40 Actors!!  This is the first production in the world to stage this dark, witty, satirical, naughty show The Eight: Reindeer Monologues with 40 Actors!

It's been a blast getting the show on with this explosion of talent . . . please enjoy . . . and come again, to see a different cast!




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Review for The Eight: Reindeer Monologues

New Zealand Herald: "As each of the eight reindeer named in Rudolph's song tell their stories, we are given a picture of a very bad Santa who stands accused of a bewildering assortment of sex crimes.  The allegations of rape and molestation are presented in lurid detail with monologues resembling the narcissistic confession of the whack-jobs who appear on daytime talk-shows.

The humour is often outrageously tasteless but has a sharp satirical edge and cleverly speculates on how reindeer might view humans: several members of the sleigh team are appalled by Mrs Claus' passion for taxidermy and Dancer laments that no one appreciates the intricate tail-work of deer ballet".