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Epsom Girls Grammar School Gala Auction

Michael and Jennifer provided the entertainment for the Epsom Girls Grammar School Gala Auction, a fund-raising
event for the school.  They were team leaders for a game of Give Us a Clue; Rodney Hide was adjudicator.  Other
  actor Ellie Smith, Board of Trusteees members Dr. Gerald Young and Elizabeth Aitken-Rose,
parent Tim Sutton, and students Rebekkah Schoonbeek, Keelan McCafferty, Abby Hauraki, and Stefan Jammes.

21 August 2009 at the Ray Freedman Centre


The evening started out with typical charades.


Jennifer's team took an early lead.

But Michael's team was soon catching up.


And everybody was having a great time!

The game took an unusual turn when each side gave the other a film or tv show to mime, as a group,
for the audience to guess.  Clearly, Jennifer thinks "Shrek" will be a challenge for Michael's team.

But they took that challenge and ran with it . . .


And it didn't take long before somebody figured it out!

Here's the whole gang being thanked for their efforts.

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