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Early TV Shows on NZ On Screen

NZ On Screen has begun putting old tv shows onto their website for online viewing.
Three shows from the 1980's that Michael was in are now available.
Check out the synopses and screen captures below, or click these links to watch:


Michael also appeared in a music video for Blam Blam Blam's
Don't Fight It Marsha in 1981; watch it below.



Michael starred in Casualties of Peace when he was 24.  The 1982 one-hour drama was about the Vietnam-era generation gap between World War II veterans and their Vietnam-protesting sons.  Watch it online here.

Arriving home from university, Peter faces ridicule from his father.

Peter and his mum (Judie Douglass) share some truths.

He finds an ally in Pat (Joanne Simpson)

Peter tells his father his plans.

The confrontation with his dad (Peter Vere-Jones) doesn't go well.

Peter and Pat leave their fathers behind.


Michael also starred in Daphne and Chloe in 1982.  This tele-play, written by Bruce Mason, is about the relationship between a lonely woman and the much-younger man who comes to work in her office.  Watch it online here.

Bernie (David Warwick) introduces new employee Kevin to Edith (Helena Ross).

Soon the flirting begins.

And goes way beyond flirting.

Dinners, concerts, a day at the park . . .

Then Kevin meets Edith's new assistant, Susan (Philippa Dann).


When events get out of hand, Kevin and Susan beat a hasty retreat.


was a New Zealand tv series that aired in 1984 and 1986.  It was the story of a young band coming together and getting established - New Zealand's version of The Monkees.  Michael starred as drummer Dave Nelson.   Watch the first episode online here.

Dave waits for the boss to leave so he can leave early to go to an audition.


At the audition; nobody's paying attention.

Dave and Peter (John Gibson) leave the audition disgusted; they talk about music.

Dave with flatmate Ron (Jay Laga'aia); dinner doesn't look promising.

Peter comes over to jam with Dave and Ron.


Then Maxine (Margaret Umbers) shows up as well.
I love it when a band comes together!


Music video: Blam Blam Blam's Don't Fight It Marsha (1981)