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This website was created to showcase the post-Hercules career of New Zealand actor and director, Michael Hurst.  We will also announce the professional activities of Michael's wife, Jennifer Ward-Lealand . . . More


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Michael and Jennifer at Jennifer's
te reo Maori graduation ceremony, 7 June 2017

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This is not an official site, but we will keep it current with news of Michael's professional activities, as well as an archive of his projects.  We will also announce the professional activities of Michael's wife, Jennifer Ward-Lealand; see her official site for more on her career.

See also:  Michael's curriculum vitae on his official website: www.michaelhurst.co.nz and his listing on IMDB.  Michael is represented by Johnson & Laird Management.



Michael is directing episodes 4.7 and 4.8 from 20 November 2017.

Westside season 3 is available on dvd.  Michael directed episodes 3, 4, 7 and 8.


Michael will be guest narrator of Silo Theatre's Peter and the Wolf on Tuesday 5 December 2017.  The show is at Herald Theatre 8 November - 9 December 2017, with a different narrator for each show.  Click here for info and to book.

Peter's not supposed to leave his grandfather's house.  There are wolves lurking in the forest, and it's not safe.  But Peter can't stay inside forever and when he finally ventures out into the surrounding park, it's not long before the wolf appears.

In this electric re-imagining of Sergei Prokofiev's beloved musical fairy tale, director Sophie Roberts and composer Leon Radojkovic bring together a glinting musical adaptation with a six-piece band, puppetry and live videography.

Travel deep into the woods, vanquich your fear, and don't look behind you.

A magical experience for anyone aged seven and up.


28 September – 23 December 2017; click here to book.

Forget everything you know about musicals, this is an immersive experience set within a full realized Manhattan streetscape just off Rosebank Road, ten minutes from Auckland's CBD.  Here your journey begins before being transported back in time to the heart-stopping, booty-shaking, mythical Pleasuredome nightclub.  This is the night you never dreamt possible.

Lucy Lawless is Sappho, the show's sexy, hedonistic diva whose lavish performances have made Pleasuredome synonymous with glamour and excess.  Also starring Vince Harder, Olivia Tennet, Quentin Warren, Stephen Lovatt, and a 20-strong cast of local and international performers all supported by a state of the art light and projection extravaganza.

This is a story of desire, addiction, greed, and the power of love, set on the dance floor to some of the biggest tunes of the era.

Directed by Michael Hurst (Chicago) and produced by Rob Tapert (Spartacus), Pleasuredome will be the most electrifying theatre experience ever staged in New Zealand.

Also featuring James Luck, Hannah Tasker-Poland, Byron Coll, Aeyla Samantha Duncan, James Gordon, Jaydn Burt, Todd Williamson, Shanelle Lenehan, Leighton Rangi, Olivia Tennet, Heidi Chen, Jane Strickland, Rebekkah Schoonbeek-Berridge, Blaise Clotworthy, and Kurt Stowers.

Choreography by Momentum Productions, musical direction by Jason Smith and Joe LoDuca, costume design by Barbara Darragh, production design by Nick Bassett, AV design by Jon Baxter, and lighting design by David Eversfield, from an original script by Mark Beesley.  Rob Tapert is executive producer and Charlie McDermott is producer.


Newshub:  "Pleasuredome is the best show of 2017 ... it's everything you hoped it would be ... director Michael Hurst and producer Rob Tapert should hold their heads high, because they've delivered something I don't think we've ever experienced in New Zealand".

NZ Herald:  "It's fun, entertaining ... Pleasuredome delivers ... The dancers are engaging and superb ... Go early, dress 80s and party on".

Theatreview:  "Pleasuredome is a courageous extravaganza of a show that is hugely enjoyable.  It's a treat to see such risk taking putting on a show of this scale.  So, dig out your leg warmers and arrive early for some trashy NYC 80s street life. You'll have a ball".

Keeping Up with New Zealand:  "cheeky and sexy choreography ... Ashleigh Taylor excels as she blows the roof off with some of her high notes.  Lawless delivers a sassy and emotionally charged performance ... I had an absolute ball at  Pleasuredome".

RadioNZ:  "it's a very immersive production ... there's some great performers ... the story is a classic musical story ... that whatever happens ... love and music will conquer all ... it's a really, really fun night and it's exciting to see New Zealand theatre move into this stage".

GayExpress:  "100% energy, great music and surprisingly good singing gives it a real foot tapping, fun quotient that the risque performances and outfits only enhance".

Check out the Pleasuredome website.



Jennifer will be the guest performer in The Basement's Christmas show, Santa Claus, on 12 December 2017. The show runs from 30 November – 20 December with a different celebrity guest each night.  Click here for additional info and to book.

He's made his list and checked it twice, but this year … no one's been nice.  In the little town of Auckland, naughtiness has taken over and Santa's ready to take the law into his own hands.  Which list are you on?  Did you buy caged eggs?  Park in a disabled spot?  Record a private conversation with an employee without their knowledge or consent?  Then you better watch out.  Because Santa Claus is coming to The Basement, and it's either good tidings, or a total Chrismassacre.


Jennifer will be playing Warden Touro in a recurring role in the second season of The Adventures of Suzy Boon, and Michael will have a cameo in one episode playing himself.  It will be filmed in December 2017. 

The series stars Kura Forrester as Suzy Boon.  Click here to watch season 1.


In season 3, Michael directed episodes 3, 4, 11, 11n3 12.  The first half of the season has aired in Australia, with the second half of the season scheduled to air in 2018. 

In New Zealand, it is currently airing Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on TVOne. 

Season 2 is now available on dvd.  Michael directed episodes 2.3, 2.4, 2.9, 2.10, 2.13 and 2.14.  In North America, the first 2 seasons are available on Acorn TV.  Click here for Acorn TV.

800 Words is produced by South Pacific Pictures/Seven Productions.  It stars Erik Thomson, Melina Vidler, and Benson Jack Anthony.  Click here for info.


Jennifer revives her role as sex-shop worker Barbara in the first and second episodes of the third season of Auckward Love.  She originated the character in the second season, in episodes 2.1 and 2.5.

Auckward Love is a funny, sexy, and almost romantic web series created by actress Holly Shervey, and co-written with actress/writer Jess Sayer and actor/director Emmett Skilton.  It follows Alice (Holly Shervey) and her three unlikely best friends, Vicky (Luci Hare), Grace (Jess Holly Bates), and Zoe (Jess Sayer), as they force her back on the road to find love ... whether she wants them to or not.

Auckward Love shines a light on what it's like to be a single 20-something female in today's dating game, complete with the trials and tribulations, the fun times and hard, and of course, the highs, and the ridiculoualy ridiculous lows.

All three seasons are available to New Zealandviewers on TVNZ On Demand (click here), and to international viewers on You Tube (click here).


Jennifer plays Darcy in feature film Vermilion, which completed filming on 10 April 2017. It also stars Theresa Healey, Goretti Chadwick, Peter Feeney, and Emily Campbell (and a cameo by Michael Hurst!)  It is written and directed by Dorthe Scheffmann and produced by Michele Fantl.

Vermilion tells the story of a group of women who are close to each other – mothers, daughters, friends and neighbors. Some of their relationships are good and some are broken. The events of one summer month changes their lives forever.

Click here for the NZ Film Commission's press release on Vermilion.




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